SUMMARY: 4/330 memory limit

From: Jeff Giacobbe (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1992 - 14:17:22 CDT

The other day I posted a question regarding the amount of RAM that can
be installed on a 4/330 CPU board without going to a memory expansion

Within 24 hours I had about 14 e-mail responses! Everyone who
responded said that it was no problem to take out the 8 1-meg SIMMs
and replace them with 8 4-meg SIMMs (for a total of 32megs), as long
as I also moved a jumper near the SIMMs from the 1meg position to the
4meg position.

Opinions varied on whether or not a PROM upgrade was required. Some
said that they just plugged in the 4meg SIMMs, moved the jumper, and
all was well. Others said they upgraded the PROM, but were not sure
if it was really necessary. 32megs was confirmed to be running fine
with PROM ver. 3.0.3

The one Sun engineer who responded brought up the fact that while the
32meg upgrade was indeed possible, it is *NOT* a Sun-supported

Thanks to everyone who responded. I look forward to the upgrade ;-)


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