Summary: How do I test all the memory on an IPC?

From: Sue Chichester (
Date: Wed Jun 10 1992 - 13:00:38 CDT

Thank you to everyone that replied.

There are a few different things you can do.

At the > prompt, enter new command mode

Once in new command mode you can use the setenv command to change the
number of megs tested.
ok setenv selftest-#megs=24
ok reset

In the above example we are testing 24 megs of memory. The more you megs
you test, the longer it takes. To test 24 megs took 4 or 5 minutes.
Another useful new command mode command is printenv command that will show
you what things are set at currently.

Another thing .... you can also test the memory like this

ok setenv selftest-#megs=24
ok test-memory

And yet another way to test the memory along with some other things is
to set the diag-switch? to true.

ok setenv diag-switch? true
ok reset

To set it back .... ok setenv diag-switch? false

As root you can also use eeprom to change the selftest-#megs and then the
number of megs specified will be checked on the next reboot.

eeprom # shows current settings
eeprom 'selftest-#megs=24'

You can also use sundiag. You would check /var/adm/messages for offending
module number.


Thanks again.


>I have an IPC with 24mg of memory. I think one of the simms is bad and I'd
>like it have all the memory checked when I power on the SUN. I can't seem
>to find anything in the manuals telling me how to do this. Can you help?
>Sue Chichester

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