SUMMARY: Installing OpenWindows 3.0

From: Michael D. Reynolds (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1992 - 14:24:04 CDT

My Original question was this...

> I have to install Openwindows 3.0 on 20+ machines. What I would like to know
> is... Does the Installation affect any other files besides the ones in
> /usr/openwin. If not, would there be any side effects of installing on one
> machine, apply all the patches I want and tar it off on an nfs mount to
> be un-tared by each of the target machines. Of course each machine would
> need to run install_openwin. Anyone else done this? Am I missing anything?
> Please Advise, and I will summerize.

The overall consensus is YES you can do this but you need to run install_openwin on each machine after the /usr/openwin structure is

I received 13 replies in about 14 hrs, and more as I am writing this...
9 of which said yes in one way or another
2 suggested using rdist to keep the structure up-to-date. Which I am going to
  look into further.
2 answered questions that had nothing to do with the one I asked?

Other Suggestions/Comments...
- Save the /usr/opwenwin/lib directory off the old system in case some
  software dosn't work with the new library stuff.
- One said it was a waste of space to put the /usr/openwin structure on each
  of the individual machines and should be mounted off the server. Which may
  be true unless your server is overworked and undersized which ours is.
- Another respondent noted that he noticed NO significant differance in
  performance between mounting and running openwindows locally. This again
  depends on the state of your server/network. He acknowledged that he has
  a very beefy server where as my server is in the "Where's the beef"
  catagory :-).
- One said they mount the /usr/openwin off the server but do NOT run
  install_openwin on the clients. He said they had no ill side effects???

Thanks to All who Replied... (Frank Allan - Network Manager) (Brian Bartholomew - Univ. of Florida Dept. of Mathematics) (Anil Katakam) AT&T Bell Labs (Randy Huntzinger) (Jon A. Tankersley)
csb@gdwb.OZ.AU (Craig Bishop) (Birger A. Wathne) (Aadne Hestenes Spt) (David N. Edwards) (Richard Elling) (Matt Goheen) (Terry Rosenbaum)
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