SUMMARY: NIS across networks

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Date: Mon Jun 01 1992 - 11:19:52 CDT

Dear all,

   Firstly apologies for the original message which somehow got truncated
before it left here and was missing the vital part: The Question!
Well spotted by:-

  Fabrice Guerini
  Terry Rosenbuam
  Hal Stern stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM

However, maximum points and a big thank you to the following people who guessed
what the question was, and supplied an answer :-

  Brent Alan Wiese
  BirgerA. Wathne
  Keith McNeill
  Perry Hutchinson

The question was how I could get NIS working between a Master server and a
Slave server on two seperate networks (connected via 3 routers). The following
method seems to work:-

    1) Run ypinit -m on the Master server - include the Slave server in the
        list of slaves.

    On the Slave server:-

    2) Kill any yp processes running on the Slave server.

    3) run ypbind with the ypsetme option

            /usr/etc/ypbind -ypsetme

    4) run ypset to bind to the yp Master server

            /usr/etc/yp/ypset <Master-YP-Server>

    5) run ypinit -s <Master-YP-Server>

    6) kill the ypbind process and restart without the ypsetme option


    7) Start ypserv


The above steps should work.

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