SUMMARY: Where is NISC.SRI.COM come from?

From: Zhou Shouben (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1992 - 15:47:19 CDT

        Sun Managers:

It took us years to wonder DNS setup. Now maybe comes the time to solve the problem.

        Last week I posted:


            When I do ftp, I got the follow message, and I checked the reverse table is ok. Could somebody tell me the hint how to look in
            to this problem.

             The messages I got is:

             Connected to
             220 ftp.UU.NET FTP server (Version 6.27 Fri May 8 23:14:26 EDT 1992) ready.
             Name ( anonymous
             530- Sorry, we're unable to map your IP address to a hostname
             530- in the DNS. This is probably because your nameserver does not have a
             530- PTR record for your address in its tables, or because your reverse
             530- nameservers are not registered. We refuse service to hosts whose
             530- names we cannot resolve. If this is simply because your nameserver is
             530- hard to reach or slow to respond then try again in a minute or so, and
             530- perhaps our nameserver will have your hostname in its cache by then.
             530- If not, try reaching us from a host that is in the DNS or have your
             530- system administrator fix your servers.
             530 User anonymous access denied.
             Login failed.

        So far I have received many replies, either suggest me to look into my local
        domain setup and check if reverse nameservers are registerd.
        1) I checked my local domain, I can do both host to IP number mapping and IP to
        host mapping.
        2) I called NIC and let them check in the root domain, everything looks fine.

        But outside our CNC.EDU domain, no one can do IP to host mapping (ex. to

        Another thing is very odd is when I do nslookup in one of our machine in the
        CNC.EDU domain, after I type root command, I get:

        columbia% nslookup
        Default Server:

> root
        Default Server: NISC.SRI.COM

        How can I get NISC.SRI.COM??? In the file there is no this server!!
        Furthermore, when I do nslookup at our name server ( which is our registerd name ), I get core dump:

        america% nslookup
        *** Can't find initialize address for server : Non-existent domain
        Default Server: localhost
        Segmentation fault (core dumped)

As many experts out there suggested, I'v got the latest file from and found our 155.137.IN-ADDR.APRA is not in that file ( I applied
an application with template week before and got acknowledge from NIC). So
this morning I called NIC again and told them my reverse nameserver still not
be registerd. They told me they would do it right then. It seems everything
is all set and I am waiting for couple days let the new root DNS database be

Many thanks to: (Barry A. Boes) ( Fuat Baran)
jaj@boole.acc.Virginia.EDU (James A. Jokl)
gds@la.TIS.COM (Greg Skinner) (Fabrice Guerini)
macphed@dvinci.USask.CA (Ian MacPhedran) ( Brett Lymn ) ( Mark Prior) (Michael Klein)
fwp@CC.MsState.Edu (Frank Peters) ( Jules P. Aronson) ( Tim Pointing ) (bob Rahe) ( Daniel Trinkle) (Jon J. Brewster) (Tom Caldwell )
kucharsk@Solbourne.COM (william Kucharski) (arch Mott) (Morry Katz) ( Levin W. Thomas) (John) ( Bin Zhao) ( Phil Kaerns) ( George D M Rose)

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