SUMMARY: /etc/rmtab grows to fill root

From: Michael Coxe (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1992 - 11:01:16 CDT

ORIGINAL QUESTION: Any way to control the growth of /etc/rmtab? ...

This is evidently a common problem easily fixed - lots of FAC potential.
For the uninitiated, /etc/rmtab logs remote NFS mounts of local filesystems
and is maintained by rpc.mountd. Its appears to be just informative,
for 'showmount' which we all know is useless, and for 'shutdown',
another real crowd pleaser.

According to all respondents, can be safely cleaned using grep|sed|...
(dead entries are commented out w/ #). Some said pipe it to /dev/null,
though for now I'll stick with the less adventurous suggestions.
Thanks to all.

Its a known bug as of 4.1.1 - Bug Id: 1041091

Here's a useful fix to /etc/rc.local from Sun that should help those that
reboot occasionally (the machine in question has been up for 112 days
so no use to me yet {:>} ).
>From: uunet!Corp.Sun.COM!Steve.Gruelle
>The fix for this bug is to add the following to your /etc/rc.local file:
> if [ -f /etc/rmtab ]; then
> sed -e "/^#/d" /etc/rmtab > /tmp/rmtab 2>/dev/null
> mv /tmp/rmtab /etc/rmtab >/dev/null 2>&1
> fi
>after the lines:
> if [ -f /etc/exports ]; then
> /etc/xtab

PS, I don't know where my rmtab man page went to, I did later find it on
    another node & copied it over. Chalk it up to catch-22.

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