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Date: Fri Jun 05 1992 - 11:21:20 CDT

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My question is quite simple:
Is there any possibility in Solaris 1.0.1 to tell the C-Preprocessor that it should look in other directories for include files without using the -I option?
The loader has an environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but for compiling X11-sources,
I always have to use the -I$OPENWINHOME/include option.

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Thanks for everyone who has resonded.
The best way (it works fine) to implement such an environment variable is
to replace /lib/cpp through a shell schript, calling the orignial cpp.
This also works, if you are using "cc" (the execve call is able to exec binaries and Shell-Scripts!).
The solution to create symbolic links, or to use imake files isn't sufficent,
because there is other Software with include-directories than X11!
The end-user wants an easy to use system, that means typing "cc" should
work for the standard-software.
Why doesn't SUN has implemented anything like the following?

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You could always hit this problem with a big hammer. Replace cpp with
a script that adds the -I that you want (searching your environment to
do it) and then calls the real cpp. Off-the-top-of-my-head code
follows to illustrate:

if [ -z "$CPP_INCLUDE_PATH" ]; then
        exec /lib/cpp.real "$@"
        exec /lib/cpp.real `echo $CPP_INCLUDE_PATH | sed 's|^|:|
s|[ ][ ]*||
s|::*| -I|g'` "$@"
exit 0

Watch out for those tab characters in the second substitution.
If CPP_INCLUDE_PATH is not set, cpp will behave exactly as before.

                                                James Ashton

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Many thanks,
Volker Sander
Central Institute for Applied Mathematics in KFA Juelich, Germany
Tel.: +49 2461 61 6586

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