SUMMARY: A postScript editor?

From: Oran Davis (
Date: Sat Jun 06 1992 - 11:57:57 CDT

The original question:

>Anyone know of a product that allows you to load/edit/save PostScript pictures on X.
>The need is for PostScript element editor not a bitmap type editor that loads PostScript.

I need confirmations about: Adobe Illustrator on Sun?, Island Draw?,
                            PostScript debugger develped in UCB, called 'dbps'?

The answers:

I only received three "good" answers. All others related to Opwnwin pageview using the
Xnews server which serves only the Sun local screen and anyway is not an editor.

>From (Ze'ev Wurman)
  There seems to be a PostScript debugger develped in UCB, called
  'dbps' . I have a technical report from berkeley describing it but
  didn't succeed in laying my hands on it (tried to email the guy on the
  report twice).

>From Anthony A. Datri <>
   The only real product like this that I know about is Adobe Illustrator,
   which only runs (as far as I know) on peecees and macintoshses.

>From Patrick Shopbell <>
   I have heard that Island Draw does some of this editing
   of PostScript files. I believe it costs $.

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