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Date: Wed Jun 03 1992 - 21:26:23 CDT

Hi, sun managers:

I posted my summary two days before. Now I am going to post another summary,
just want to make things clearer.

The first the prblem I had is the place out of our local domain can't do reverse name mapping from IP number to host name. The problem has been solved
since the NIC added our reverse nameserver in the database.

The second problem that we had is:
        Another thing is very odd is when I do nslookup in one of our machine in the
        CNC.EDU domain, after I type root command, I get:

        columbia% nslookup
        Default Server:

> root
        Default Server: NISC.SRI.COM

        How can I get NISC.SRI.COM??? In the file there is no this server!!
        Furthermore, when I do nslookup at our name server ( which is our registerd name ), I get core dump:

        america% nslookup
        *** Can't find initialize address for server : Non-existent domain
        Default Server: localhost
        Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I believe there is bug in the nslookup. Does anybody know any bug report about
this program and I have already reported this case to our local sunmicro systrem representive.

Many thanks for all who replies. Since I posted the list who replies last time,
I am not going to give the list again.

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