SUMMARY: Workstation Extender Cables

From: David N. Edwards (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1992 - 05:55:35 CDT


     Here is the summary of where to find "workstation extender cables" that
allow one to move the monitor / keyboard farther from the CPU. It seems that
the most common sources were Artecon (1-800-USA-ARTE), which I will no longer
buy from due to their inability to return a phone call, and Inmac, which now
has a workstation catalog. Other sources mentioned were: anDATAco (attn.
Katherine Harsell 510-659-9191), and Cable Connection in Campbell CA. Prices
varied widely with length and style (13W13 or RGBS, etc.) of cable.

     Thank you very much to: (Bob Arasmith)
gradient! (Douglas Gerdin)
Ike Stoddard <> (Steven C. Blair "Unix Network Services") (Michael Scarbrough) (Alan Vayda)



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