SUMMARY: SS2/SparcPrinter watchdog resets

From: Bruce Kall (kall@mayo.EDU)
Date: Tue May 19 1992 - 21:41:44 CDT

My original Query was (Summary and fix is below).

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Subject: SS2/SparcPrinter watchdog resets
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System: SS2, 4.1.2, OW3.0, NewsPrint 2.0

Has anyone had problems with a SPARCPrinter with NewsPrint 2.0
on a SS2 running 4.1.2 when printing, especially
Sun rasterfiles (more often on the second print job after
a reboot).

Our's crashes the system routinely with a "Watchdog Reset"
caused by a Window Underflow".

The machine and printer are brand new, the CPU and S-bus
board for the Printer have been replaced and Sun still
can't figure out what's wrong. Any suggestions or
similar circumstances?????

BTW: The machine is fine with the S-Bus board out of the
machine. Then again, this makes the printer an expensive
door stop :(

======================= SUMMARY ===========================

After many weeks waiting for Sun to figure out the problem
it turned out to be a CPU board revision problem that didn't
like some SBUS boards.

Some SS2 CPU boards contain a "AT&T cache chip" that caused
the Watchdog reset problem (and sometimes a Panic:
Data Fault) when there is an additional
SBUS board in the system.

Ours was originally a brand new SS2. We had already replaced the CPU
once, but evidently Sun sent us another CPU board with the
same AT&T chip on it.

So far (about two days) everything is working and we have had
no further crashes.

Thanks to our local (Minneapolis) field service people for
figuring out the problem. Evidently, Sun Support
West or East hasn't heard of the problem yet since we had
been working through both on the problem for weeks.

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