SUMMARY: MAXTOR XT8760S in 4/470

From: antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU
Date: Wed May 20 1992 - 01:10:06 CDT

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In my original post:

> I've tried addresses 0,1, and 2 with similar results. It is found at whatever
> address I set it for, but it doesn't seem to respond. There's nothing else out
> there to cause a conflict, and I know the drive works, or at least it did just
> before I moved it ;-). st1 and sr0 are on that chain and in that same
> enclosure and seem to function OK so I don't suspect the cabling.
> I may have run into a jumper thing, but I don't have any docs for the disk,
> since it came in another vendors system. The terminators are off the drive, so
> I know that's not the cause.

I put the disk back in the original system to make sure I hadn't damaged it.
The volume header had been destroyed by the 4/470, but I reformatted the disk,
recreated the filesystem on it and it was fine.

I received some helpful jumper info from (Ralph Merwin).
That helped me confirm that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I finally
called Maxtor. The tech support folks I spoke with were very helpful.
They explained that not all SCSI implemetations will work on Sun boxes.
Apparently Sun altered the SCSI command protocol ever so slightly to suit
their needs. Most manufacturers offer prom upgrades to solve the problem. This
particular disk is several years old and has an old firmware revision. I
have ordered the upgrade for this drive and I will try again.


Phil Antoine (antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU)
Duke University Medical Center
Radiation Oncology Physics

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