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Date: Tue May 19 1992 - 18:31:59 CDT

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>From witzke Tue May 12 11:15:05 1992
Subject: NewsPrint's version of Enscript
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I have finally connected a qms2200 laser printer to my SPARC II. It seems
that I required a serial connection because Newsprint 1.0 doesn't support
the qms through the parallel port on my Sbus Printer card.
Now I am running Newsprint's script version of Transcript's Enscript.
I realize that not all the options are supported by this script.
However, does anyone know how to force the output to allow wraparound of
long text lines as is the default case in Transcript's Enscript?
Now this enscript script simply truncates long lines.
Also, does Newsprint 2.0 correct this problem?
Thanks, Ken.

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I received five responses that are summarized below.

1: The only way I ever found to "wrap" was to pipe out of
a format, which simply "squeezes" everything.

2: Newsprint 2.0 does not correct the problem. ...... For the time being I just
 use fmt to manually format the text before printing.

3: As for long lines in general, how about the "fold" command. It wraps lines
in a file to be of a certain width.

4: There is PD software which works just as well.

5: NeWSprint 2.0's enscript still truncates long lines. You can use the
fold command to wrap lines in a pipeline feeding into enscript, but then
you loose the filenames in the headers. The NeWSprint enscript is just
a shell script that runs pl with a bunch of options, so my advice is to
forget enscript and create your own script that supplies pl with
whatever options you want. You can use Sun's enscript as a starting point,
and include the fold command in it if you wish.

It seems that the solution is to use
'/usr/ucb/fold -width $1 | enscript -"parameters" -J$1'
as a script.
'/usr/bin/fmt' works only on true text containing words separated by spaces
and does not work on long lines of code with no spaces between arguments in
a procedure call.
By adding the '-J$1' to the enscript call, the correct filename will
print out on the burst page.
Newsprint's enscript cannot combine dual column output with landscape mode and
as such the mpage filter with PreLimn needs to be used.

I would like to thank everyone who replied for their helpful comments.


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