SUMMARY: Possible IP address change problems.

From: Richard J. Niziak (
Date: Thu May 21 1992 - 16:55:52 CDT

Sorry this took so long, but the date to change IP address was
delayed. The only problem that I had was two-fold,
First I needed to get new passwords for the CenterLine C compiler
software we have, and also needed to change the names of the X-terminal configurations files we have running around here. Otherwise, all that was really necessary was to run all the hosts
files through a script that called sed to change the entries like:
cat /etc/hosts sed s/128.0/140.249/ > /etc/hosts.IP.changed
then copy the new hosts over the old hosts, checking the networks
and rc.local for and hardcoded IP addresses for routing.
THen I had to boot up the NIS master and re-ypinit it (probably
not necessary) then boot multi-user and the same w/ the rest of
the machines..

Thanks go out to:
Halvard Halvorsen
John Curran
Stuart Freedman
James Cameron
Margaret Mikulska
Scott W. Hosking)
John Stewart
Andrew Luebker
chuck malmsten
Patrick Shopbell
benji ??
Donald McLachlan)
Steve Lodin

Thanks again,

Rick Niziak
Systems Manager
Visual, Inc.

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