SUMMARY: Problems with large netgroup

From: Chris Cleary (
Date: Thu May 21 1992 - 18:46:43 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem:

Original Problem:

>We just added a bunch of hosts to our local netgroup. When we try to make yp
>we are getting the following error:
>entry too big
>problem storing *.* adsy,aessun,allante,...
>*** Error code 1
>What is this? How big of a problem do we now have? Can we fix it?
>Additional Info:
>SunOS 4.1.2
>Netgroup file looks something like:
>world (,,)
>nobody (-,-,)
>domain (,,
>systems (,-,
>users (-,,
>kocrsv01 (,,) (kocrsv01,,)
>kocrsv02 (,,) (kocrsv02,,)
>crsv kocrsv01 kocrsv02 kocrsv03
>crsw kocrsw01 kocrsw02 kocrsw03 kocrsw04
>aessun ptsw ptbn ptsy crsv

The problem is that ndbm has a 4k limit on the size of fields. What I had to
do was reduce the number of keys (left hand column) that I was combining into
the final key aessun. Instead of having a key for every machine I changed the
table to have a key for every group of machines instead. ie:

servers (kocrsv01,,) (kocrsv02,,) (kocrsv03,,) ...

I also deleted the fully qualified names since they were not needed.

Credit goes to:
Robert L Krawitz rlk@Think.COM
Ted Nolan
Tim McDaniel
Tim Priddy
John F Detke octela!valadimir!
Brett Lymn
Paulo L. de Geus
Ed Arnold
Russ Poffenberger
Daniel Trinkle
Ian Reddy


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