SUMMARY about mouse speed on Sun3 with OW2

From: Derek Mallard (
Date: Sat May 23 1992 - 01:18:03 CDT

Well it is time for a summary regarding my question to the net
about mouse accelleration and open windows on a Sun 3/60.
Many thanks to the people who replied.

BTW: I sent this the other day to requests by accident. Since it has not
     shown up in this discussion group I am now sending correctly,
     I hope ;-)

My original question:

>>Does anybody have a suggestion on how to control the speed of the
>>arrow relative to the speed of the mouse in openwin?
>>We have one system (a 3/60) that is a beast to get the arrow lined up
>>on one character for the purpose of cut and paste.
>>Looks like mouse acceleration needs tweeking.

Most people pointed me to the xset command. I tried it out without
much success. Apparently it is expected to work in OW3.

Good to know responses when we go to OPENWINDOW 3 from:

Stephen Malowany
Peter Shipley uunet!tfs.COM!shipley
Kevin W. Thomas uunet!!kwthomas
Gordon C. Galligher uunet!!gorpong
Michael Meyers michael.meyers@Corp.Sun.Com
Robert Williams
Jonathan Corbet
Doug Becker

Right on responses for OW2 from:

John R. Kilheffer
Greg Earle uunet!poseur.JPL.NASA.GOV!earle

Greg's was most explanatory so I included it here.
Basically he said, use the old editdefaults command that was used
in Sunview and then run input_from_defaults when starting openwin.

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>In OpenWindows 3.0 and 3.0.1, you can use the conventional X command "xset" to
>do this; e.g. "xset m 5 4" means "go 5 times as fast when moved more than 4
>pixels away in a timeslice".
>In OpenWindows 2.0, this did not work (you mentioned you have a Sun-3/60).
>To change mouse acceleration in OW 2.0, you need to use the SunView defaults
>mechanisms. Read the manual pages input_from_defaults(1) and defaultsedit(1)
>for information regarding how to edit the defaults, and what input_from_defaults
>does. You can bring up the SunView "defaultsedit" program under OpenWindows,
>and go to the "Inputs" section. The tail end of /usr/lib/defaults/Inputs.d
>will show you the parameters to alter (/Input/Jitter_filter, and all of the
>/Input/*_ceiling values - 1st_ceiling, 2nd_ceiling, etc.) in "defaultsedit".
>Then you merely need to ensure that "input_from_defaults" gets run
>as part of your OpenWindows startup sequence somewhere.
> - Greg Earle
> Sun Microsystems

Thanks again to everybody who responded.
Derek Mallard

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