SUMMARY: consensus on rpc.lockd patch 100075

Date: Mon May 25 1992 - 03:17:39 CDT

I asked:

> I'm wondering if anyone has come to a conclusion about rpc.lockd and
> the 100075 patch revisions. Several people have commented here in
> recent weeks. We too have tried earlier patch revisions
> and consequently rebooted hosts due to hung processes. Is revision 08
> safe?

Doesn't sound like it...

I only received three replies and no confident answers. Mixing revs
of the patch is definitely a bad idea. rev 07 *seems* to work ok with
4.1.1, although one site was still experiencing occasional problems
accessing WP or Lotus 123 files. Another site had only been running
the patch for < 1 week. One site had tried to run both revs 07 and 08
with 4.1.2 without success.

Our own experience a few months ago with rev 07 and 4.1.1 was not a good
one. We had lots of hung nntp processes.

An earlier discussion in April indicated that the beta rev 08 caused
problems but the official rev 08 was o.k. I'm not game to test it.

If anyone has further comments, I'd appreciate them.

Many thanks to:

paul@hydres.uucp Paul Humphreys (Simon Leinen)
Jim Ahokas, nobugs!next8!


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