Summary: Cheating with IP routing

From: Christophe Wolfhugel (
Date: Tue May 12 1992 - 01:25:22 CDT

In article <>, I requested some information
about how to bypass the IP routing scheme and IP address matching (ie,
how to get all IP packets whose MAC address are the station's).

>From the answers I got, the solution in itself would not work easily
with the existing. I have been suggested to work around and look at
etherfind/tcpdump. This does, thus, not resolve the problem of proper
routing (I wish to extract the information, not just spy it).

Otherwise, I've been suggested to use a lowest level, NIT(4P) on Sun
boxes. But there will still be a need of deactivating the IP layer.
tcpdump, etherfind, CAP, ... are supposed to use this interface.

Another suggestion has been to put IP inside IP and then extract the
data and redo an IP layer or/driver (I guess create an interface like
ppp, ip/x25).

Many thanks to Stephane Bortzmeyer for his help.

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