Summary: Sparc 2, not liking SCSI periphials

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Date: Wed May 13 1992 - 20:51:56 CDT

   I originally posted the following message.

> I just recieved a Sparc 2 and it is not getting along with an
> external 1/4" tape drive nor a CD-ROM drive. The Sparc 2 is
> running SunOS 4.1.1 with the "1.3 Gigabyte Disk Drive Enhancement"
> patch added. I have a Sun 1.3 Gig disk attached at SCSI address 2,
> and two internal drives at address 3 and 1.
> When I attach the 1/4" drive at SCSI address 4, I get the following
> error message:
> esp0: Rejecting Message 'ABORT' from Target 4.
> Needles to say, I can't get the drives attention once it is hooked up.
> Also when I attach the Sun CD-ROM drive set at SCSI address 6 to the
> machine I get the following error messages:
> esp0: Current command timeout for Target 3 Lun 0
> sd0: SCSI transport failed: reason 'reset': retrying command
> Can't get the CD's attention when it is hooked up either.
> The only really unusual thing hooked up to the machine is a SolFlower
> Sbus to VME adaptor.

  Thanks to:
  Peter Belding <>
  Patrick Shopbell <>
  poffen@sj.ATE.SLB.COM (Russ Poffenberger)
  zeke@mpl.UCSD.EDU (Rob Scott)
  Larry Chin <>
  (Kevin G. Currans) <kcurrans@CORDLEY.ORST.EDU>

  I ended up putting 2 reply's together and came up with a possible
  answer. Someone said that if the 1.3 Gig disk worked okay at the
  end of the SCSI chain to put it back at the end of the SCSI chain.
  Someone else mentioned that it sounded like one of my SCSI devices
  was internally terminated and causing problems when put in the
  middle of the SCSI chain.

  Well it turns out that the problems do go away when the 1.3 Gig disk
  is at the end of the SCSI chain. I will check later when I have the
  time to try and verify that the 1.3 Gig disk is internally terminated.
  Although my guess is that it is internally terminated. It is very
  touchy about which SCSI port is SCSI in and which one is SCSI out.

  Thanks again,

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