SUMMARY: EXB-8200, EOM at beginning of tape?

From: Byron Rakitzis (
Date: Wed May 13 1992 - 17:39:15 CDT

I posted a couple of weeks ago with a question about a tape that
apparently had an EOM at the beginning of the tape, even though
there were plenty of files written out to it.

I still don't know how the tape got damaged in that way, but this
is what I did to fix it:

I got 5-6 replies, and two of them seemed useful: one was from Rob
Quinn <>, who said that he recovered from a similar
situation by writing a file to the beginning of the tape, then
powering down the tape drive in the middle of the write. The other
was from Paulo L de Geus <>, who suggested
using low-level SCSI commands to advance the tape "by hand".

Since I was unable to find out how to issue low-level SCSI commands
to the tape drive, I opted for the brute-force solution described
by Rob. It worked like a charm; the first file on the tape was
clobbered, of course, but everything else was recoverable.

Byron Rakitzis.

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