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Date: Fri May 01 1992 - 23:00:15 CDT

two weeks ago I asked:

> Very quick question: is there any equivalent to the command "probe-scsi"
> available at the monitor level that can be used from unix?
> Thanks for your replies. As usual, I'll summarize.
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I must apologize, but I was sure I had summarized to the net. Mike
Raffety today sent e-mail to me asking if I had gotten anything and so
I realized I hadn't fulfilled my duty. Here is the summary:

Stephan Bechtolsheim and Jeff Martin asked to let them know what I find.

Jim Davis suggested to use /etc/dmesg provided that the system was
rebooted not too long ago. [and I add: provided that you don't want
real time answers]

Kevin Sheehan has a driver for sale that would do the trick:

    No, but I have a driver (for sale) that you can adapt easily to
    the problem. If you want to see devices that were present at prom
    probe time, you can use the devinfo command, but if you need to
    do a real-time probe of the bus, you need to do INQUIRY commands
    My driver lets you issue commands from applications via its
    implementation of User SCSI. You can also comment out the two
    lines that check for other drivers, and use it to probe out the
    whole SCSI bus.
    Blurb follows, please let me know if I can help (even if it doesn't
    involve selling the driver :-) as I do know a bit about Sun SCSI.

Ari Ronkainen has another pointer for a driver for sale:

    "SpeedStor for SunOS" (from Storage Dimensions) utility package
    includes also a program called "scsiprobe".
    It seems to do the same thing as probe-scsi.
> sun# ./scsiprobe
> esp0 Target 1 Disk QUANTUM P105SS 910-10-948.9 - 205075 blocks
> esp0 Target 3 Disk MAXTOR LXT-213S SUN02074.17 - 415436 blocks
> esp0 Target 5 Tape EXABYTE EXB-8200 4.25
> esp0 Target 6 Read-Only Device SONY CD-ROM CDU-8012 3.1a
> Sense code: 0x2 "Not Ready"
> Extended Code: 0x3a "No Medium Present"
> sun#
    You can get more info from:

Mike Raffety reminded me of summarizing. That's it, it's all I've got!

Thanks a lot to: (Stephan Bechtolsheim) (Jim Davis)
kalli! (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Jeff Martin) (Ari Ronkainen - VTT/ELE)
Mike Raffety <>

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