NOT-REALLY-A-SUMMARY: ie0: no carrier

From: Byron Rakitzis (
Date: Fri May 01 1992 - 21:07:32 CDT

We had a lot of trouble with ethernet errors, and I followed the
discussion on Sun managers a while back about this issue. The consensus
seemed to be: somewhere you have a fault in your hardware, i.e., some
connector is shorting or some terminator is missing.

I don't think the following problem (and solution) was mentioned. If
it was, I apologize in advance:

We have several multiport tranceivers and multiport ethernet repeaters,
as well as a couple of fiber repeaters.

Now, if any one of these devices is hooked via a tranceiver (AUI) cable
to an ethernet, then the tranceiver that is tapped to said net must have
its SQE circuitry turned off; otherwise, the multiport boxes interpret
this signal as an error and chaos ensues.

Again, forgive me if this is common knowledge, I just found out (and
made appropriate corrections to our network) last night.

Byron Rakitzis.

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