SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.2/GT Problem

From: Craig Carpenter (E-Mail (
Date: Tue Apr 28 1992 - 10:38:17 CDT

I had posted a summary a while back which now has turned out to be
incorrect. Sun originally sent me a patch (100569-01), which will in
the end be a good patch.

However, if you have a GT and use a SPARCprinter there is problems with
NewsPrint (2.0). NewsPrint is quite a hog on the SBus DVMA channel.
When you submit a job it sucks up memory that is apparantly outside the
limitations that Sun has setup for itself. Therefore when I received
the new patch, which in essence increased the GT's allotment to 4.5meg
of its DVMA channel, NewsPrint wrote into their area and crashed NewsPrint.

So, the steps to fix it is that a Sun rep has received a shell script
that will take the patch and return the GT's DVMA allotment to 1.5meg
and allow everyone to work until the NewPrint engineering group fixes
NewsPrint. Once that is done we will install that patch and increase
the GT's allotment back to 4.5 meg.

So the bottom line is that there is a bug with NewsPrint and also the
GT driver for SunOS 4.1.2 and NewsPrint 2.0. This has been a thrilling
experience for myself and apparantly Sun.

Craig Carpenter
Harris Corp

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