SUMMARY:HP Paintjet XL A3 Plotter on Sparc

From: Richard Bogusz - System Manager (rich_b@oldham.gpsemi.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 27 1992 - 08:26:38 CDT

Thanks to everyone who replied to my posting (there weren't that many so I held on to give all the easter holiday types a chance!). Here are all the solutions
I was offered.

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>From Thu Apr 23 17:36:15 1992
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 09:37:17 PDT
From: (Kerry Kinnersley)
Subject: Re: HP Paintjet XL A3 Plotter on Sparc
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  WE are using the serial port and we have had no problems (yet). The
printcap entry follows (be sure to set the dip switches accordingly at the back
of the printer. We don't use HPGL right now. If you require more info please
let me know.


Good Luck!


>From Thu Apr 16 18:32:26 1992
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1992 11:50 CDT
From: "Joel L. Seber ... CH210" <>
Subject: Re: HP Paintjet XL A3 Plotter on Sparc
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Richard, you wrote:


Does anyone out there know if the HP PaintJet XL can be hooked up to a Sparc,
if so does anyone have a printcap for it?


I did just recently connect an XL to a SS1+, with limited success. I need a
cable with all the pins described in the manuals to do hardware
handshakeing, but I got it to mostly work with XON/XOFF with a 2-3-7 cable.
I say 'mostly' because I still am having problems with spurious characters
being transmitted and dumped to the page, screwing up the graphics. I'm
still working on it.

I used a fairly short printcap describing the spool directory, etc., but had
to put 'ms=pass8' to pass through 8-bit data. Here is the complete entry:

4|xl|HP Paintjet XL:\

I would very much like to see your summary of this query.

Hope this helps,

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>From mrt!ed@suntan.West.Sun.COM Fri Apr 17 01:52:40 1992
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 17:49:02 PDT
From: mrt!ed@suntan.West.Sun.COM (Ed Romascan)
To: suntan!oldham.gpsemi.COM!rich_b@suntan.West.Sun.COM
Subject: Re: HP Paintjet XL A3 Plotter on Sparc
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You can buy an Aurora technologies parallel port sbus card for
around $395US. It drives the PaintJet at full speed!

Ed Romascan

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>From Fri Apr 17 15:20:38 1992
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 10:19:07 EDT
From: "Jon Mellott" <>
Subject: Re: HP Paintjet XL A3 Plotter on Sparc
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We have an HP PaintJet XL with HPGL/2 emulation cartridge connected
to a SPARC 1+. With the HPGL/2 emulation cartridge the printer
behaves as a high speed HP 7475 A/B size plotter.

The printcap entry is as follows.

hp7475|A or B size HP pen plotter: \
        :lp=/dev/ttya: \
        :mx#0: \

We were unsatisfied with the default pen width (too broad)
so we created the following input filter

#! /usr/bin/sh
/usr/5bin/echo '\033E\033&/6A\033%1BIN;WU0;PW0.01;\c'
/usr/5bin/echo 'PG;\c'

The first line ensures that the PaintJet is in HPGL/2 emulation
mode, and sets pen width. The second line dumps the file to the printer,
and the third line ensures that a page eject is sent.

This printer is an excellent low-cost high speed plotter.
I have some large schematics which I normally have to plot
on D size paper so the writing is readable. Our HP DraftPro
takes about an hour. With the small line width, the PaintJet
can plot a reasonably readable D size schematic on B size
paper in about five minutes instead of an hour.

Good luck,

Jon Mellott
High Speed Digital Architecture Laboratory (HSDAL, pronounced `hostile')
University of Florida

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Here is the list of the good guys!

From: (Kerry Kinnersley)
From: "Joel L. Seber ... CH210" <>
From: mrt!ed@suntan.West.Sun.COM (Ed Romascan)
From: "Jon Mellott" <>


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