SUMMARY: CD stereo output to microphone mono input

From: Brian Bergevin-Smith (
Date: Tue Apr 28 1992 - 12:06:19 CDT

Thanks to those who responded.

This is a case of RTFM. On page 10 of SS1 Installation Guide it
is written:

"You can plug the following devices into the audio input/output port:
* Dynamic, high-impedance microphone ...
* Audio tape player equipped with attenuating adapter
* Compact disk player equipped with attenuating adapter"

I purchased a stereo plug to mono jack adapter and an attenuating cable
with mono plugs at both ends from my local electronics store. The
adapter plugs into the CD-ROM stereo output and the cable connects the
adapter to the microphone input.

Using cdplayer, you can play tracks on a CD. Using "record | play", you
can listen to CDs on your SS speaker. Using "mike" and the associated
"speaker" daemon, you can play a CD on multiple workstation speakers.

In the not to distant future: networked muzac!

Just puttzing...

Brian Bergevin-Smith
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