SUMMARY: 630MP boot trouble

From: Michael Baumann (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1992 - 23:51:09 CDT

To recap:

>I have here an interesting problem,
>For reasons I'd rather not go into, we have a 4/630MP board w/o IPI
>We also have a Maxtor 1Gig SCSI drive. So I got the idea, we just put the SCSI
>drive on the MP. Right? Wrong.
>The system will not boot, giving me a TRAP 0xbe
>I can boot from the net.
>So, will I have to confiure this thing to boot from the net, and get the
>rest locally or is there something I missed?
For starters, 50 lashes with a wet noodle for not being clearer in the
statement of question. What I failed to make clear was that, following the
install of the miniroot on the drive I could not boot the miniroot.
So the pointers to making sure I ran installboot, while appreciated, were
not applicable.

After spending time on the phone with Sun it was determined that the drive
itself was the problem, I could boot a 4/330 with this drive but not the
630. After contacting the vendor, I found that the drive was ~8 revs out of
date (GB-15 vs JB-22!) they shipped me a replacement and all is well.

The thing that tipped us off was when a probe-scsi command was issued
the drive responded for all 8 LUN positions (virtual disk? :) )

So, rumors to the contrary, you can boot a 630 and 670 from SCSI,
but make sure that if you have a MAXTOR P-12S, it has a rev near

Thanks to:
Paulo L de Geus
John Kilheffer

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