Memory for 3/50's from Helios (summary)

From: Jeff Wandling (
Date: Thu Apr 16 1992 - 17:53:38 CDT

I posted a while back asking about more memory for a 3/50. Some replied
saying they didn't know if Helios still made these boards available.

For those interested, here is what I learned from the Helios sales

They still make the daughter boards. 4 meg board is $495. They are expandable
up to 8 megs. You can purchase the board with either 4 or 8 megs. If
you get it with 4, you can upgrade it with regular 80ns SIMMs yourself.

The 8 meg board is around $700.

Their number is: 1-800-366-0283 or (408) 432-0292. They are on the
West coast.

disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Helios in any way.

	Jeff Wandling   <>

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