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From: Jim Gottlieb (
Date: Thu Apr 16 1992 - 01:11:00 CDT

In my original article I asked for ideas regarding a printer for my Sun
IPC at home:
>The two options I'm considering are an HP IIIP with a Postscript
>cartridge, or a real Postscript printer like the TI Microlaser PS.
>I'm not considering NewsPrint since I want this printer to be able to
>print from other machines too.

Several people asked for a summary, so here's my attempt. I say this
because there was no clear-cut consensus (that would have been too
easy). Some thought that an HP with a PS cartridge was fine while
others said it's too slow. One brought up the good point that it is
easier to upgrade PostScript when it's just a cartridge rather than
built in to a printer. I still don't know if an add-on PS cartridge is
slower than when it's built in.

Two people also had good things to say about NeWSprint. One using the
SPARCprinter and one using a LaserJet.

So I am left as confused as when I started. I will give NeWSprint a
good look though and will consider it if I can get it for a decent
price. Or I may go with an HP or IBM (Lexmark) with a PS cartridge or I
may still buy that TI (Sharp) with built-in PostScript. Hmmm, this is
going to be tough. The large availability of HP consumables might lead
me to that unless I hear that PS cartridges are by nature much slower.
And I'm still not sure if I would be able to print to newsprint from
applications on my 386 that only know about HPLJs.

Here's a summary of people's actual comments. Thanks to all.

We have a HPLJIII w/PS cart. and it works stupendously. It's a real workhorse,
and I've never had any postscript related problems with it. The only minor thing
I've dealt with is that there's a 0.25" border around the page which does not
get printed on.
We have two HP IIIP with postscript connected to our network, with printer
queues on the VAX. Sun users also have access to the printers.

I am very happy with the machine. I've had excellent quality postscript
print outs. Speed seems to be excellent too. It works in non-postscript
mode too.
Built-in PostScript is only better if you concerned that someone might
steal the PostScript cartridge from your HP printer. Otherwise, it is
better to have the cartridge because it is more easily upgraded (and
portable to other HP laser printers).
The HP with postscript cart sometimes takes 20 minutes to
print a page!
I'm running a TI uLaser PS/17 on my SS1+ and I love it. Great little
printer and it doesn't take up much space at all.
As far as newsprint, we have three sparcs, and three pc's printing to the LJIII
using standard unix remote printing facilities, with the main server doing all
the newsprint stuff (and connected to the printer). As a matter of fact, you
can run newsprint to a straight LJIII with no postscript cart.
reconsider the newsprint stuff. The SPARCprinter is so much
better, and cheaper if you can force a discount.

Sun is shipping NeWSprint 2.0 with their printers now, and
that supports other machines sending data to the sun and then
out to the printer @ 12ppm (mixed text and graphics)...

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