Re: SUMMARY: why does my uucico want to set its uid to the wrong uid?

From: Paul Lutt (
Date: Tue Apr 07 1992 - 21:00:49 CDT

Guy Harris noted that there indeed is a call to setreuid in uucico to
set the uid to 4. However, since /usr/lib/uucp/uucico is a setuid
program that has its uid set to the uucp uid found in the NIS, wouldn't
it be the case that the setreuid call fails and uucico just ignores
that fact and goes on using the proper uucp uid?

I fell into the trap of running trace on uucico as root and indeed saw
the setreuid call succeed. However, it seems that when uucico runs
normally, it will be running as the user uucp and the setreuid will

Of course, trace won't run against a setuid program unless you run it
as root, so it is very hard to confirm this.

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