SUMMARY: iinactive crash on 690

Date: Tue Apr 14 1992 - 05:56:46 CDT

SUMMARY: iinactive crash on 690

We have had two system crashes since we upgraded from a 490 to a 690.
The panics are below.

Mar 21 14:20:46 cantua vmunix: panic on 1: iinactive
Apr 8 16:38:56 cantua vmunix: panic on 0: iinactive

The system is

690 - 2 CPUs
SunOS 4.1.2. no patches
2 x 1Gb IPI disks
2.3 Gb Exabyte Tape
150 Mb 1/4 inch tape

I recieved two replies.

>From: IN%"stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM" 9-APR-1992 02:17:44.15
>what kinds of disks? IPI?
>you may have an out of rev IPI controller.

The first crash may have been due to an out of rev IPI controller. There
is an incompatibility between the multiprocessor models and the earlier
revisions of the IPI controller. The controller revision level needs
to be -07 or higher on the old controller. To complicate matters there
is a new IPI controller which has a new part number. It was one of these
new boards that was installed between the first and second crashes. The
revision level on our currect controller is -03, which I am told is
equivalent to rev -09 on the old controller. Usually the system would
hang rather than crash when the older controller gave problems.

>From: IN%"" 9-APR-1992 02:42:56.91
>In general, that is usually caused by booting unix on a corrupt filesystem.
>Did you have a crash earlier prior to this one for which fsck was NOT run
>to correct any inconsistancies in the filesystems?
>-Leonard E. Sitongia

This bothers me as I *never* omit the file system checks when booting the
system. A change that has taken place in SunOS 4.1.2 in that quickcheck is
now part of the system and not an optional extra. Quickcheck certainly
saves a lot of time during boot.

I have turned on savecore so that if we get another panic like this
there will be something to look at.

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