SUMMARY: UUCP Processing Order

From: Amir Katz (matis!amir@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Mon Apr 13 1992 - 01:26:42 CDT

Recently I have put this question to list:

Amir> We have HoneyDanBer UUCP running on SparcStation 1+ with SunOS 4.1.1, with
Amir> TeleBit TrailBlazer+. We use UUCP for mail and file transfer, but no net
Amir> news. The problem that we have is that when a big file is queued for
Amir> transfer, it delays all the mails that wait to be sent. If the transfer
Amir> encounters errors, this can take ages.

Amir> I have looked at "Managing UUCP & UseNet" and the book claims (chapter 6,
Amir> page 131) that version 2 UUCP processing order was: uux, mail, uucp.
Amir> But in HoneyDanBer UUCP, 'uusched' randomizes the processing order of
Amir> the queued jobs.

Amir> My question is: is there a way to control the processing order? Most
Amir> of the time we wish the mails to be sent first, then the file transfer.

Apparently, it was yet another RTFM question, so I apologize.

I have received a few responses, all of them pointing me the the '-g'
(grade) flag in the 'uucp' and 'uux' commands. Tim Evans supplied the most
detailed response and also dealt with the 'uusched' question.

tim> uusched randomizes the order of the remote *systems* it contacts, not
tim> the jobs. If you have more than one UUCP link and have jobs
tim> scheduled for each at every run of uusched, the order in which
tim> systems are contacted is randomized, but not the order of the
tim> jobs themselves.
tim> The order of the jobs themselves is controlled by the UUCP
tim> "grading" scheme. See the UUCP chapter of the System and
tim> Network Admin manual, under the "Systems File" heading, "Grade"
tim> subheading. I believe you can change the default grade for
tim> mail in your file's "UUCP Mailer Specification"
tim> section by adding the 'g' argument to the uux command line;
tim> see the uux man page.

-- Thanks to all who replies:
Tim Evans
Stuart Freedman
Mark Mann

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