SUMMARY: CGSIX console driver

From: Mario Nigrovic (
Date: Fri Apr 10 1992 - 15:50:55 CDT

Here's the scoop:

Originally I posted

> Howdie, all -
> I've heard rumors of a device driver to replace the ungodly slow
> console interface, and I was wondering if anyone out there could
> tell me where to find it, or at least tell me the name of this
> driver. I know that it requires a CGSIX to work, but then that's
> all I've got...

And I got several replies! Thanks to

   Keith F. Pilotti <Pilotti@Sibyl.SAIC.COM>
   sunne.East.Sun.COM!stern@uunet (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)!geertj@uunet (Geert Jan de Groot)

Basically, I had expected a driver which could replace the basic driver
in the kernel (making boot-up and single-user mode debug much faster)
but the program (called tconsole, available via anonymous FTP from is only a terminal emulator,
and the README file states that you shouldn't invoke sunview, X or
openwindows from within tconsole. Sigh. Still, I suppose it could
be invoked as needed (but I haven't tried it yet).


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