C2 mode & sendmail Summary

From: John Wack (wack@ariel.ncsl.nist.gov)
Date: Thu Apr 09 1992 - 13:18:16 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

I sent out this query:

> My apologies if this has come up before, however I can't seem to find
> the answer to this: when I converted my ELC running 4.1.2 to C2 mode,
> sendmail no longer works correctly in that mail to my users gets
> rejected with a "user unknown" message. We are running NIS, however
> I'm using maps only for ethers, hosts, and netgroups. Everything
> worked fine before C2 mode, and everything seems to work fine when
> I run C2unconv. While in C2 mode, if I kill sendmail and restart
> it, everything returns to normal and mail gets delivered.
> I've pored through the manual, the system, a book on NIS (thinking
> that maybe the problem is there) - most likely, it's something
> stupid! Can anyone shed some light on this?

And got three different replies, all pointing to a bug in SunOS 4.1.2
sendmail. I got three workarounds, as well:

(1) run SunOS 4.1.1 sendmail

(2) move the sendmail startup to the end of rc.local after the shared
    lib cache has been built

(3) delete sendmail.fc and run with a .cf file only

Of these workarounds, I tried (3) successfully, since it was the first
one I got, and I'm happy now. Thank you very much to Michael Strawbridge,
Hal Stern, and Phil Male (and one or two others who also replied with

-John Wack

John P. Wack Computer Scientist National Institute of Standards and Technology Computer Security Division Technology A-216 Gaithersburg, Md. 20899 (301)975-3292

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