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Date: Thu Apr 09 1992 - 10:07:58 CDT

Thank you to all who replied to my request for a copy of the "quantum"
program which works out whether you have a Quantum 105 disk which is
from the series having the "stiction" problem.

It would seem that there is a sun4 version ( can be got from various ftp
sites) but no sun3 version.

However I have discovered where the relevent serial number on the disk is.

On our disks it is on the side where the handle of the mounting bracket is.
(In our case it is NOT the serial number on the top of the disk).

You work out the date using the same method as in the original summary:-

i.e serial number on side is 10911150763 GENERIC
                           Manufacture date
                             and Drive #

      The manufacture date and drive number breaks down as:

        ymmdd#### where y = last digit of year (i.e. 9 would be 1989, 0 would be 1990 )

                        mm = month of the year

                        dd = day of the month

                      #### = drive number manufactured on that day of that
                             month of the year.

        So in our example the date code of 911150763 would convert to
        drive # 763 manufactured on November 15, 1989.

There is no guarantee that this correct it is all from my own observation.

We have to shutdown all our machines to do "Health and Safety at Work" checks
(this is going to cause havoc but it's got to be done). So I shall look
at the serial numbers then.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

- David A Stewart -
Computing Officer
Electrical Engineering
Edinburgh University
(Int +44) 31 650 5647

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