SUMMARY Can I use SBus Prestserve on MP670

From: Simon Shickman (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1992 - 15:52:47 CST

I'd like to thank all of you that answered.

The question was:
>can I use a SBus Prestoserve Acceleretor in a MP670 or I must get a VME-bus

From: (Bob Reardon Maildrop 3F - x4794)

The NC400 coprocessor and the Prestoserve can both be used with
Sparc 670MP. The NC400 goes in a VME slot and Prestoserve uses
an Sbus slot. Only one Prestoserve is needed and it accelerates
all disk *WRITES* for the system, even if there are more than
one disk controllers. The NC400 accelerates *READS* and has an
ethernet connector. After it is installed, your ethernet cable
connects to the NC400 rather than the le0 (lance). If your 670MP
is a router for 2 IP networks and you want to accelerate both
networks, then you need two NC400 boards.

From: kalli! (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

Purely speculation, but I suspect the SBus card will be the proper choice.
I also suspect that porting the Prestoserve drivers over is not complete
From: (Ray Brownrigg)

I just read something in one of the Sun newsgroups which indicates that an
Sbus Prestoserve is fine for SCSI devices, but you need a VME-bus version
if you want to accelerate VME devices (IPI disks etc).
From: Mike Raffety <>

My understanding is that you can use either, but you'll get best results
if you match the bus to your disks; if you've got an SBus SCSI board,
use an SBus Prestoserver, if it's VME or SMD or a VME SCSI controller,
use the VME board, though either should work.

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