Summary: booting with a combination of local/remote partitions?

From: Tom Lislegaard (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1992 - 07:50:05 CST

Original question was how to boot automatically with remote root/local

A large number of answers all agree that this is simple, just
specify carefully the kernel config line:

  config vmunix root on nfs swap on type spec xy0b

Some also say that you can drop the bootparam entry for swap.
I didn't test this, just left the bootparams with a zero length
swap-file to get things started.

thanks to the following who responded: (George Nassiopoulos P-353 495-7181)
hoop@noaacrd.Colorado.EDU (Don Hooper)
kalli! (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Mike Raffety <> (Frank Allan - Network Manager) (Charles H. Buchholtz)
Sven Ole Skrivervik <>
Andreas Karrer <>
Travis L Priest <> (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
kla!brandari%sunra@Sun.COM (Paul Brandariz x6546) (Ron Vasey)
Mario Nigrovic <>


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