SUMMARY: Openwindows and Xterminals

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1992 - 16:43:26 CST

Thanks for all the input on this matter. The result was that indeed one
can run Openwindows applications on Xterminals, providing that they don't
use any of the NeWs extensions. ANd this will work faily well if you
have a good server with loads of memory and disk space AND you aren't
doing a lot of compute/disk intensive applications. We do a great
deal of compute/disk intensive work here, so the costs of Xterminals
in terms of performance for the dollar would be somewhat prohibitive.

I have a complete listing of all responses, so if anyone wants it,
I'll send it along to you.

Thanks to all of these people for their helpful insights. Leonardo C. Topa Ed Strong
lars@CMC.COM Lars Poulsen Anthony A. Datri
lhdsy1!!hjgwi@uunet.UU.NET Jay G. Williamson
Brent Alan Wiese < Brent Alan Wiese
kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM Kevin Sheehan Benson I. Margulies Halvard Halvorsen David Boyd
thorn@java.CC.McGill.CA Ron HALL Eckhard Rueggeberg Mark A. Delcher Tony Ross Sheryl Coppenger antonson@Software.ORG Todd S. Antonson
bernards@ECN.NL Marcel Bernards
liz@isis.cgd.ucar.EDU Liz Coolbaugh Jerry Bowes Terry Rosenbaum John Valdes Kerry Kinnersley Stephen Kowal Pam Boge Mike Raffety Leonardo C. Topa Brian Bartholomew Ian MacPhedran> David Fetrow
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