SUMMARY- mac emulation

From: Mike Labbe (mlabbe@morph.EBME.CWRU.Edu)
Date: Wed Apr 01 1992 - 15:17:08 CST

This is what I found out about mac emulation on the sun:

There are only a couple of products to consider.

Liken (Xcelerated Systems Inc.) appears to be quite good and
is compatible with most major software packages. (According to
the data sheets.) It is so new, however, that no one had used it
long enough to give an opinion about it. The data sheet did not mention
whether or not it is System 7 compatible, however, and since we are running System 7 this was a concern.

XGator (Unipress Software Inc.) allows you to acces your mac for an
X Window Workstation. However, the software run on the mac over ethernet.
It also takes complete control over the mac and therefore no one can use
the mac at the same time. (I suppose if you had a mac without a monitor
this might be a good package to use.)

Quorum Software Systems, Inc. is in the finishing stages of a product
called Quorum Equal that will be system 7 compatible and will run on the
Unix platform. It appears to run most macintosh packages but uses the workstation menus and environment. It also allows a floating liscence.
They told us it would be available in the early summer (June/July).
Their number is you need it is (415) 323-3111.

Thanks for the replies!

Michael Labbe
Image Processing Lab
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 368-8812

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