bind 4.8.3 shared libs (Was: SUMMARY: Standalone Sparc 2)

From: F. L. Charles Seeger III (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1992 - 16:23:57 CST

+------ Ivor D'Souza wrote (Tue, 31-Mar-92 11:45 EST):
| I am going to enclose the reply of because it
| pretty much includes what the others said and more. Thanks to everyone
| that responded.
| ---------------- response of -------------
| > From stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM Tue Mar 31 10:55:01 1992
| > To:
| > Subject: Re: Standalone Sparc 2
| > >Greg, got directions on doing this? I don't even know how to install DNS,
| > >other than the minimal amount of info in AnswerBook.
| >
| > I guess now is as good a time as any to release my latest version (updated
| > for 4.1.2) of the customized-for-DNS /usr/lib/shlib.etc/README file ...
| >
| > - Greg

    < famous README file deleted >

Thanks again to Greg and Hal, for forwarding this on.

As fortune would have it, this message came while I was in the midst of
installing the UCB BIND 4.8.3 resolver routines in a 4.1.2 shared libc.
A 38 kB shar file, including a modified version of Greg's README, describes
the process. Since this is straying a bit from this group's charter, I
will refrain from including it hear and will post it to comp.sys.sun.admin.
I will also post it to sun-nets, mostly to see if that list still works.
Anyone unable to retrieve it from either source should feel free to ask for
a copy via email---if the demand is really high it might be posted here.
Our ftp/news machine has been rather flakey, so I hesitate to put it there
for anonymous ftp.

P.S. Thanks to Steve Miller who originally outlined this procedure in
a sun-nets message.

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