SUMMARY: old SCSI disk on a sun3

From: Todd S. Antonson (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1992 - 08:55:45 CST

I had asked the following:

>I have two old SCSI disks from some Sun 3/60's and I want to put
>them on one Sun-3/60 running Openwin 3.0 and SunOS-4.1.1.
>The disks are 140 MEG - sd0: <Micropolis 1355 cyl 1018 alt 2 hd 8 sec 34>

Well, got the disks installed on another Sun.

I used the following help from
and everything worked like a charm

> After opening the 'shoebox' you will find the SCSI controller
> not on the disk itself,
> but on an own card.
> This controller may be hidden by the tape streamer, if you have one.
> On this card there is one row of dip switches. Put no. 1 of them to ON,
> to get the disk at SCSI address 1
> (is sd2 in standard kernel configuration).
> I assume you get other SCSI addresses with the other switches,
> but I did not check that.

Thanks to:

Hertzer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE (Joerg Hertzer) (Bruce Walton) (Andreas Schulz) (Bin Zhao)

- Todd (

P.S. I also got some settings faxed to me from Bin Zhao. I will
     use them to eventually install the disk on a Sparc1 and make
     use of the 120 meg partitions on the disks.

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