SUMMARY: sendmail - user unknown

From: Larry Chin (larry@cchtor.uucp)
Date: Wed Mar 18 1992 - 17:17:08 CST

Thank you one and all for the replies to my problem:

the question was:

>I just installed 4.1.2 and all of a sudden sendmail is reporting that
>all users are unknown. Is there some problem with the 4.1.2 sendmail ?

>Situation is SPARC 2 master NIS server with two SPARC 2 NIS slaves and
>two SPARC 1 clients plus a bunch of PC-NF pc's.
>I did not do anything fancy, just installed 4.1.2 and rebooted the
>machines and tried to send mail and I get "user unknown".

And the answer is:
SUN made a boo-boo. According to bug reports just in at SUN technical
support, they attempted to "fix" sendmail and broke it. So there is now
a priority 2 ( whatever that is ) bug in sendmail.

The workaround:

After installing 4.1.2 you can either:

1) After booting the system, kill sendmail and restart it, at which
   point mail will work just fine.

   Suggested by :Neil W Rickert <>
                :Sun Tech Support

2) you can restore the 4.1.1 sendmail stuff from your backups of the
   previous system files ( you did make a backup before installing 4.1.2
   didn`t you ? ).

   Suggested by :Brian H. Powell" <>
         (danielle sanine)
                  :Sun Tech Support

3) remove /etc/sendmail.fc, do not recreate it then reboot.
   This straight from SUN, but doesn't seem like a viable alternative

   Suggested by :Neil W Rickert <>
                  :Brian H. Powell" <>
                  :Sun Tech Support

Thank you to those who took the time to reply.

Neil W Rickert <>
kensmith@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ken Smith (Donna L. Cornwell)
bala@pebbles.Synopsys.COM (Bala Vasireddi) (Zod Mansour)
Brian H. Powell" <>
Stefan Mochnacki <>
phillips@athena.Qualcomm.COM (Marc Phillips)
fallst! (Tim Evans)
bala@pebbles.Synopsys.COM (Bala Vasireddi) (danielle sanine)
Ace Stewart <>

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