SUMMARY: rewriting of address in sendmail

From: Gary Richardson (
Date: Fri Mar 20 1992 - 19:10:36 CST

Wow!! What a response!! Thank you all for your suggestions with this.
My original message is/was:

> I want to have my address rewritten on email being sent out. The way
> it gets sent out is "". I want it to be rewritten
> as "". I've looked at /etc/ and read through
> the SunOS sys admin book (and Answerbook) but can't get the grasp
> of the sendmail file.
> Can anyone tell me what I need to change in my .cf file to have my
> "From" get rewritten to strip out the "roadmap" part of the address
> and just have it be ""? The way it is now (with the
> "roadmap" in the addr.) mail replied to won't work because of the
> restrictions that our network people have put on our gateway to the
> internet. It'll go off into never-neverland. But I'd like to be able
> to send mail directly out from my machine (which we can do somehow)
> and have it addressed properly so a reply will work. ""
> WILL work. Once I get this figured out for my machine, I can config our
> other WS's so they can do the same.
> -Gary

The number of responses was truly amazing. I got many repsonses that
will work just fine, but I ended up using the first response I recieved:

From: (Paul B. Henninger)


   i replace the original "# format of a total name" entry with:

      Dq$A ($x)$.

   where $A is defined as

      # fully qualified mail address

   and $m is defined as

      # local domain name

   thus, the "From:" field is always USER@DOMAIN, or for me

This does exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks also go to the following
people who replied to me: (Steve Hewett) (Mahesh "BigMan" Subramanya) (Capt Bart Atwell) (Joe Garbarino)
David Fetrow <> (Bede W P Seymour) (Ole Holm Nielsen)
rsr@PRI-MU.Prime.COM (Robert Schreiber) (Peter Gutmann) (Zod Mansour) (Alastair Young)
Mario Nigrovic <>


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