SUMMARY: Quantum 105 Problem

From: Neil Van Dyke (
Date: Sat Mar 21 1992 - 21:38:14 CST

I asked how to determine whether a given Quantum 105 drive is from the series
having the "stiction" problem.

Peter Kaldis <peter@Civil.Concordia.CA> sent me the following (Thanks!):


**** Please forward to all CS, Logistics, and support center managers
in your areas ****

There has been a significant problem detected with Quantum 105S disk
drives. Due to a problem with the motors in drives manufactured between
April 1, 1989 and December 31, 1989, these drives may experience a problem
of not spinning up.

Arrangements have been made with Quantum to replace the drives which
fall within this manufacturing period, at the customer's option. Because
of the quanities involved and the associated capacity issues at Quantum
we need to approach this problem as quietly as possible. The problem
may not be experienced by all customers with these drives. In order
to deal with this issue and satisfy customer needs we are putting in
place the following 3 step plan.

1). Replace existing field inventory with good drives. Corporate logistics
     is already in the process of accomplishing this. An additional, 100
     drives have also been supplied to each geo to assist with normal
     replacement needs.

2). Identify critical customer situations and acquire additional drives
     to facilitate drive replacement at these sites. CTE will be responsible
     for coordinating the identification of these customers and will work
     with Corporate Logistics to acquire the additional drive quantities
     needed for these sites.

3). Continue replacement of bad drives with good from Quantum on a as
     failed basis. Corporate Logistics will work with the geos to continue
     this process and ensure a continuous replacement schedule with Quantum.

At this point we need to identify any customer sites which need to be
addressed under item 2 above. All customers with a current Corporate
Escalation will be addressed automatically. Any customer needing a
replacement plan other than on a failed basis needs to be identified at
this time.

If you have such customers please follow the process outlined below:

1. You must first determine the quantity of drives which need to be
    replaced at the customer site. (At least a first pass.) To accomplish
    this you must determine how many drives fall within the maufacture
    time period of April 1, 1989 through December 31, 1989. Since
    these drives tend to fail on power down of the system, we recommend
    that you DO NOT power down the systems to physically inspect the

    There are two methods you may use to determine the manufacture date
    without opening the system.

    A) you may use the probe-scsi command of the prom monitor to view
        the internally coded manufacture date. For example:

       ok probe-scsi
       Target 3
        Unit 0 Disk QUANTUM P105SS 910-10-94A.1 08/31/89911150763 GENERIC


        The manufacture date is part of the last string of numbers:
              QUANTUM P105SS 910-10-94A.1 08/31/89911150763 GENERIC
                                                 Manufacture date
                                                     and Drive #

      The manufacture date and drive number breaks down as:

        ymmdd#### where y = last digit of year (i.e. 9 would be 1989, 0 would be 1990 )

                        mm = month of the year

                        dd = day of the month

                      #### = drive number manufactured on that day of that
                             month of the year.

        So in our example the date code of 911150763 would convert to
        drive # 763 manufactured on November 15, 1989.

    B) The second method of determining the date only applies to those
        customers running OS 4.1.1.

        A program has been provided that may be run while the system is
        booted up an running. It will not affect the operation of the
        system in any way. The output of this program will provide you
        with the maunfacture date as follows:

            QUANTUM P105SS 910-10-94A.1 08/31/89
            serial number: 911150763 (11/15/1989, 0763)

        You will note that the program does the conversion of the date
        for you.

        This program and the associated instructions may be retrieved
        via email from "cteso@raid", where it is logged as item 9998.

        To retrieve this program and instructions, send mail to
        "cteso@raid" with the number 9998 as the subject line, and
        your email address, as shown in the names list, on a line
        beginning with the word "path". For example:

                To: cteso@raid.Corp
                Subject: 9998
                path bernie.knost@Corp

        You will be returned a mail message containing the instructions
        and a UUENCODED copy of a program named quantum. Please remember
        that this program runs only on 4.1.1 based systems.


2. Once you have determined how many drives fall within the 4/1/89 to
    12/31/89 date range, email the name and location of your customer
    to Raghu Murthy (raghuram.murthy@Corp), including the number of
    drives needed for this customer site, and the name of the local
    CS contact person for this customer.

    CTE will work with the local person and Corporate Logistics to arrange
    a schedule for the drive replacement. If there are any conficts
    in availability of drives CTE will work with geo management to determine
    a customer priority list.


A FIN will be issued concerning this problem on 5/20/91.
If you have any questions about this process please email Bernie Knost


Thanks also to the people who politely informed me that they saw more than one
copy of my request. My posts weren't getting through, so I reposted after
waiting two days. One of those posts finally got through after I posted from
another site. No thanks to the person who was not so polite. :-)

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