RE: Mounting PC Floppy Disks - Summary

From: Bryan Emery (
Date: Tue Mar 24 1992 - 13:11:56 CST

First, thanks for all the great responses to my question (and so quickly).
I had several requests to post a summary so here goes.

Many of the responses were to obtain a PD package called MTOOLS. It is
supposed to be widely available and offers very robust and efficient
methods to do this. The most likely place to find it is: but also may be on many other
servers that archive Sun source. ( or

Another type of response was that many places have very elegant local
source code to allow mounting and umounting of different types of
removable media. Many sent source. If there's interest I will mail
that to individuals (not toooo many!!).

The final type of response was to write simple shell programs to do
this. The simplest, most concise response follows:

>From simon%gpsemi.COM Tue Mar 24 08:28:20 1992
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 13:53:24 GMT
From: simon%gpsemi.COM (Simon Booth x8125 System Mangler ! - Unix)
Subject: Re: Mounting PC Floppy Disks - non-superuser account


     I allow my users to do the same thing as follows:

     First write a script to mount and unmount the floppy,
     These are very simple :
The mount script ( Call it for eg mountfd ) :

     #! /bin/csh -b
     # Set UID root script
     # Mount the Floppy disk as a pc disk
     etc/mount -t pcfs /dev/fd0 /pc

(The -b is importanmt in the first line )

The unmount script ( eg umountfd )

     #! /bin/csh -b
     # Set UID root script
     # UnMount the Floppy disk as a pc disk
     /etc/umount /pc

Next create a directory in the root (/) called 'pc' . This is the mount

Finaly change the ownership of the files to root, and change the protection
so that all users can run them, and so they are set uid to root scripts:
     chmod 4755 mountfd umountfd

The script can thus be run by anyone... When they run they run as root,
therefore allowing any user to mount a floppy. The files will be available
in /pc ( This can be changed.. Just change the scripts ).

To add it into the menus you will have to hack the
file, and add the command.

Good luck !

     Simon Booth ( GPS, Swindon, England )

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