SUMMARY: Problems with IPI Drive

Date: Thu Mar 12 1992 - 04:46:54 CST

My original posting:

> We have the following setup:
> Hardware: Sun 4/490 - Two disks on IPI, two disks, one Exabyte
> and one CDROM on SCSI.
> Software: Sun OS 4.1.1 - No patches installed.
> 1) Few days back we got the following errors. Tens of disk i/o
> intensive processes were running at the time when we got these
> errors. Apart from the fact that it recovered, what else does
> this message convey? Should we do something about this?
> > vmunix: id000f: block 86240 (912800 abs): read: missing interrupt -
> > recovery in progress
> > vmunix: ipi 0: missing interrupt. refnum 2ea
> > vmunix: id000f: block 91152 (917712 abs): read: missing interrupt -
> > recovery in progress
> > vmunix: idc0: Recovery complete.

        I got replies from two. The solution is to upgrade to the latest IPI
controller if the problem occurs again. had
already posted his summary to this list for a similar problem. Thanks to
those who replied.



------------------------- - Bill Rea, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Two solutions to similar problems were the replacment of the CPU board (Terry Rosenbaum) and upgrading to the lastest IPI controllers (Ira Winston).

------------------------- J. Anthony Fitzgerald

We had errors like this after adding an S-bus controller to a recently upgraded 670MP running SunOS 4.1.2. Occasionally, however, the system would hang and when re-booted there were problems with the file system which fsck would not correct. The problem became so severe that we are not using the IPI disk sub-system. Instead, we had to re-construct our system on new SCSI disks which were purchased at the same time as the 670 upgrade.

We are waiting a decision from SUN Canada on what our next step will be.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Balasubramanian V FAX: (0212) 345149 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Email: Poona University Campus Pune - 411 007. India

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