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From: antwerp@TPD.TNO.NL
Date: Mon Mar 16 1992 - 16:46:16 CST

My question:
> Some of my users have troubles with the automounter.
> They do the following:
> cd /net/host/.....
> ...
> DIR=`pwd` (or getcwd() in an application)
> ...
> cd anywhere_else
> ...
> open_a_file_in_$DIR
> and ... they cannot open the file because DIR contains /tmp_mnt/host/...
> and the filesystem is no longer mounted. DIR should be /net/host/... but
> that's not the way automount works. Is there a solution. Why does automount
> work so. Is it a principle problem that automount cannot mount directly
> at /net/host, or is there another reason?


This is a known difficulty with any automounting scheme (amd included).
There's not much to do about it, though several people have scripts or
programs of varying complexity to strip off the leading /tmp_mnt prefix.

If you think through how automount works, and times out mounts, you
realize it must make the actual NFS mount elsewhere, and provide a
symlink to the location (e.g., /net/host -> /tmp_mnt/net/host).

A Number of people gave me suggestions for going around this problem.
A number of scripts they send me for a substitute of "cd" and "getcwd()"
of "getwd()". These routines can be put into but this only works
in a Sun environment. For others there is no solution.

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