SUMMARY: Who owns these rpc's?

From: Gary Richardson (
Date: Fri Mar 06 1992 - 20:08:46 CST

Hi all,

Thanks to the ever-quick response from sun-managers, I have an answer
to my question.

I had originally asked what the following rpc's were:

1073741824 1 udp 1054
    100068 2 udp 1035
    100068 3 udp 1035

The responses told me that 100068 is rpc.cmsd and that 1073741824
belongs to "cm" (that calendar manager itself). So I feel safe that
everything is fine and dandy with my machine (I added 100068 into /etc/rpc
just so it shows up with a name from now on).

Thanks go to the following people: (Dan Lorenzini)
todd@flex.Eng.McMaster.CA (Todd Pfaff)

Below are the replies:

todd@flex.Eng.McMaster.CA (Todd Pfaff)

The program number you gave for cm agrees with my system. Also, one of these
rpc processes is invoked for each cm and they're numbered sequentially from

I also have the 100068 processes (2 of them) but I don't know what they are.
============= (Dan Lorenzini)

100068 is rpc.cmsd. Look in /etc/inetd.conf and you should find it
there. As to 1073741824, it might be something that cmsd uses but I
don't know anything about it. I'd be interested in your summary.

Dan Lorenzini Greenwich Capital Markets 600 Steamboat Road
203-625-7937 Greenwich, CT 06830

The 1073741824 is in the dynamic range; it's using that for ``transient''
connections, I think.

I see the following ( in short : 100068 in there, with version 2 and 3, and another
unidentified one, 100083 )

Eckhard R"uggeberg

Thanks for the help Sun-Managers!!


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