SUMMARY UPDATE: File Corruption Error

From: Kevin W. Thomas (
Date: Sat Mar 07 1992 - 02:05:46 CST

About two weeks ago, I posted a summary concerning a suspected NFS bug in
4.1.2. In my summary, I said that I was filing a bug report with Sun.
Several people asked me to post the results.

As it turns out, there were two problems, neither of which involved NFS.
Specifically, I had installed Backup Copilot 1.0 on one of my machines.
Sun said that the software package is incompatible with 4.1.2 and that a
patch is being worked on. I reinstalled the OS without Backup Copilot.

The second problem was with my server. I had a CPU board in the server that
developed severe problems within the last two weeks. The board has since
been replaced.

My tests now show that there are no NFS problems with 4.1.2, and I've closed
the call.

        Kevin W. Thomas
        National Severe Storms Laboratory
        Norman, Oklahoma

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