SUMMARY: Strange 670MP crash

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Mon Mar 09 1992 - 15:53:55 CST

Original message (posted 2/27):
Hardware: 670MP, 4.1.2, 1 IPI drive, 3 SCSI drives
Symptoms: Four crashes in two days, both times with the following messages,
           repeated ad infinitum, with different numbers each time:

     ipi0: missing interrupt: refnum 352
     id000b: block 17805 (51018 abs)
         write: missing interrupt - recovery in progress

     ipi0: missing interrupt: refnum 4a9
     id000b: block 12343 (49238 abs)
         write: missing interrupt - recovery in progress

I received 6-8 replies to this question, all with different suggestions.

CAUSE: In our case, the crashes were caused by a C program written by
       a programming student. On a SPARC 1, the program simply exits
       with "Out of Memory Error", but on the 670MP, the IPI disk died
      (and brought the entire network down with it).

SOLUTION: Swap out the IPI disk controller for the latest rev
         (this was free since our 670MP is on hardware maintenance).
          Now, when I run the C program, it exits with "Out of Memory"
          like it's supposed to.

Thanks to all who took the time to reply. I hope my solution
works for you!

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