SUMMARY (revised) Remote DUMP problems

From: Abdi M. Oday (
Date: Mon Mar 09 1992 - 14:36:02 CST

Since I got more useful answers after posting my original summary,
I'm providing this short addon-summary.

  p.s. I hope everyone is receiving this because I recieved a bounce
        message 5 times telling me that my last two posts were not
        successful. I'll mail the message to sun-managers-request.
My original question was :
        Why was I getting the following error when running a remote
                DUMP: Change Volumes: Mount volume #2
                DUMP: fopen on /dev/tty fails
                DUMP: The ENTIRE dump is aborted

Several people pointed out that the problem is due to the fact that DUMP
is an interactive program and wants a controlling terminal to write to.

Several people also commented on the fact that I was writing to
/dev/null and using a very small density in my example.
  That is only because I was using that example to re-create the problem

I got a suggestion from ( Dwight A. Ernest ) to use a program called
"expect" which provides a controlling tty.

BUT the answer I wanted came after my summary from Robert Schreiber
who simply said:

        Hi Abdi,
        Use "on -i" instead of rsh.

              Kind regards
                 Robert Schreiber ( Prime-CV Munich )

I tried this out, and it did the magic. One warning about "on" though.
It required that you have "in.rexd" running on the machine you are
running the remote job on. There is an entry in the inetd.conf file
that hints about a possible security problem if you turn on in.rexd.

I wasn't worried because the system I'm running this on is not connected
to the net.

Thanks to the following for replying.

>From: (Robert Schreiber)
>From: (Dwight A Ernest)
>From: Keith Stone <>
>From: Mike Raffety <>
>From: (Milt Ratcliff)
>From: Mathew BM LIM <>

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